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LISBOAN Award for Outstanding Teaching on the Lisbon Treaty 2013


Call for Applications

The LISBOAN Erasmus Academic Network calls for applications/nominations for its teaching award. The award distinguishes the work of a person with an outstanding academic record in the field of European integration, who has

  • developed and/or used innovative means of teaching the Treaty of Lisbon, and/or
  • enhanced the visibility of EU studies and in particular studies of the Lisbon Treaty as a subject among wider parts of academia, practitioners and the interested public, and/or
  • linked research and teaching on the Lisbon Treaty in an exemplary manner.

The award is endowed with 1.500 €.

The rewarded work may be innovative teaching methods (e.g. simulation courses), innovative contents of teaching (e.g. across disciplines) or innovative instruments of teaching (e.g. virtual teaching). Disciplines covered by the award include especially – but not exclusively – history, law, economics and social sciences.

Application Deadline 5/04/2013

Please see the PDF Call for Applications for more details.

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