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1) Reading Lisbon – More than a Treaty

The Treaty of Lisbon is more than a legal document - it represents the fundamental framework of the EU's evolution in  the years to come. To read Lisbon means to identify the very basis of the EU's legal and living architecture. 

LISBOAN brings together analyses of the new fundamental framework. As the Lisbon Treaty introduces a large number of changes, dedicated workshops observe their effects on day-to-day policy-making and assess test cases to deepen our understanding of the integration process and to refine and adapt integration related theories.

2) Teaching Lisbon – Enhancing EU Studies by Translating Research Results

Finding ways of transporting research results into the classroom is a key challenge of today's academic world. LISBOAN will explore a wide range of tools and instruments for making students and scholars familiar with scientific insights on the Lisbon Treaty.

comprehensive overview of teaching and research ("Lisbon Watch") will help to map the fragmented field and enhance the quality of teaching in higher education . A series of Guest Lectures and three PhD Schools will provide a more diversified didactic approach and bring a new generation of lecturers and researchers on European integration in contact with new perspectives and new skills important for their future careers.

3) Understanding Lisbon – Exchange across Countries and Disciplines

LISBOAN is built upon an interactive and dynamic network. It is geared to spread best practices across national and academic frontiers in order to exploit the innovation and creativity of the wider European Union.

With the Lisbon Treaty as a common point of departure and orientation this network goes beyond existing approaches. Complementing its extensive geographical coverage and interdisciplinary approach, the network connects formerly rather isolated strands of research and teaching on European integration studies. Through large Annual Conferences and Awards LISBOAN contributes to the establishment of an integrated European Higher Education Area.

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