Partner Institutes

LISBOAN is a network of 68 partner institutions from all EU member states as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey. Besides, the Institute for International Relations Croatia (3C1) is integrated as a Third-Country-Institution.

  1     University of Cologne Germany 

 2     Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften Austria 

 3     Austrian Institute for International Affairs Austria

  4     Universität Salzburg Austria 

 5     Dipl. Akademie Wien Austria 

 6     Universiteit Ghent Belgium 

 7     Université catholique de Louvain Belgium 

8     Bulgarian European Community Studies Association Bulgaria 

 9     University of Cyprus Cyprus 

 10   TEPSA Belgium 

 11   New Bulgarian University Bulgaria 

 12   Plovdiv University Bulgaria 

 13   Charles University Prague Czech Republic 

 14   Institute of International Relations, Prague Czech Republic 

 15   Danish Centre for International Studies Denmark 

 16   Roskilde University Denmark 

 17   University of Copenhagen Denmark 

 18   University of Tartu Estonia 

 19   Sciences Po Bordeaux France 

 20   Université de Rennes France 

 21   Humboldt Universität Berlin Germany 

 22   Institut für Europäische Politik Germany 

 23   Universität Duisburg Essen Germany 

 24   Universität Trier Germany 

 25   Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy Greece 

 26   Budapest College of Communication Hungary 

 27   Institute for World Economics Hungary 

 28   University of Iceland Iceland 

 29   University College Dublin Ireland 

 30   University of Bologna Italy 

 31   Istituto Affari Internazionali Italy 

 32   LUISS Guido Carli Italy 

 33   Riga Stradins University Latvia 

 34   Hochschule Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 

 35   Vilnius University Lithuania 

 36   Centre d’études et de recherches européennes Robert Schuman Luxembourg 

 37   EIPA Netherlands 

 38   University Maastricht Netherlands 

 39   University Twente Netherlands 

 40   ARENA, University of Oslo Norway 

 41   Foundation for European Studies/European Institute Lodz Poland 

 42   Warsaw School of Economics Poland 

 43   Instituto Superior de Economia et Gestao, Tech. University of Lisbon Portugal 

 44   Babes-Bolyai University Romania 

 45   European Institute in Romania Romania 

 46   University of Oradea Romania 

 47   Comenius University Slovakia 

 48   University of Ljubljana Slovenia 

 49   Institute of European Studies Universidad Autonoma Barcelona Spain 

 50   University of Malaga Spain 

 51   Karlstad University Sweden 

 52   Swedish Institute of International Affairs Sweden 

 53   Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Sweden 

 54   Middle East Technical University Turkey 

 55   Sabanci University Turkey 

 56   Federal Trust United Kingdom 

 57   University of Liverpool United Kingdom 

 58   University of Sheffield United Kingdom 

 59   University College London United Kingdom 

 60   University of Tampere Finland 

 61   IEIP-University of Athens Greece 

 62   Institute of International Relations Clingendael Netherlands 

 63   Finnish Institute of International Affairs (UPI-FIIA) Finland 

 64   CERI, Sciences Po France 

 65   University of Malta Malta 

 66   University of Cambridge United Kingdom 

 67   University of Groningen Netherlands 

 3C1 Institute for International Relations Croatia 

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