Internal Reviewers

Four members have kindly agreed to act as internal evaluators of the network. Gianni Bonvicini (chair), Meltem Müftüler Bac, Alyson Bailes and Christian Franck will – in close cooperation with Martin Marcussen, who is leader of Workpackage "Quality Assurance” – present a report at the annual conference. The report will set out the weak and strong points of the project and make recommendations for improvements.

Administrative Structure

LISBOAN is structured into 7 thematic and 9 horizontal Workpackages (WPs). The Workpackage Leaders constitute the Steering Committee of the Network.


1 The EU’s Institutional Framework Post Lisbon

Edward Best

2 Integration and Governance Research after Lisbon

Simon Bulmer

3 Economic and Financial Policy

Andras Inotai

4 The Lisbon Treaty in Historical Perspective

Wilfried Loth

5 Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

Paul Luif

6 External Action and CFSP

Ian Manners

7 Quasi-constitutional nature of the Lisbon Treaty

Lucia Serena Rossi

8 PhD Schools

Geoffrey Edwards

9 Annual Conferences

Jean-Paul Jacqué

10 Lecture Series

Gunilla Herolf

11 Research Awards

Brigid Laffan

12 Teaching Awards

Lenka Rovna

13 Lisbon Watch (Annual Report)

Wolfgang Wessels

14 Quality Assurance

Gianni Bonvicini

15 Dissemination

Michele Comelli

16 Management

Wolfgang Wessels

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